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How I help

Product strategy

Define the product vision. Clarifying high-level priorities for your project & team makes sure everyone is aligned.

UX strategy

Solve the right problems. Over 40% of startups fail because they are solving problems that do not serve a market need.

Team coordination

Get things done. Agile methods and frameworks, e.g. Scrum or Kanban, can help your tech and non-tech teams get stuff out the door.

Case studies

Examples of some of the work I have done

What people say

Being organised and the ability to organise, are not the same. Saoirse can do both. As a team member or leader, she has earned my highest recommendation.

H. ZOLFAGHARIFARD Marketing Consultant

Saoirse is a highly skilled, user centric product manager. Having worked closely with her at Brandnew, I saw her implement processes which accelerated the standard of our SaaS tool. She is an excellent team lead and an innovative thinker. I highly recommend her as a dedicated worker with a strong business acumen.

G. RYDER Influencer Services

Saoirse implemented several processes to boost the value of our product offering and managed the end-to-end delivery of features to ensure their success. Saoirse is not only product-minded, but has a strong business acumen and understands the impact of her work on the success of the company.

H. BLAKE Product Owner