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Implementing agile team processes

 In order to support the agile at-scale environment, Spark Networks was transitioning from a Scrum framework to a Kanban system for all development teams. Prior to the transition, I had recently begun working with a team that had very little structure in terms of team alignment and work processes.

My role:

  • I led and facilitated a workshop to introduce Kanban to my team of 5 cross-functional developers.
  • Together, we defined:
    • the workflow stages of the team, from the idea stage through to release & delivering value to the users
    • policies for each stage of the workflow, i.e acceptance criteria needed for the ticket to pass to the next stage of the workflow
    • Work in Progress (WIP) limits for each stage to ensure the easy flow of tickets through the system
    • the metrics for measuring team throughput
  • I adjusted and created the new team schedules to include Kanban ceremonies of refinement meetings, replenishment meetings and retrospectives.

The resulting new workflow encompassed the full product lifecycle in the system. Using both a JIRA digital board and physical board, all team members could clearly track their work and stay updated. Our new planning process also made it much easier for some of our key stakeholders, Customer Care and Fraud Prevention teams, to follow our progress.


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Product team:

5 cross-functional developers