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Product development of skeleton platform

Spark Networks is a global dating company with a growing portfolio of brands and in order to support their growth, they needed a central platform that would support all brands, rather than maintaining separate platforms per brand family. This cornerstone tech platform was dubbed LoveOS. More on LoveOS.

My role:

  • As a product team, we held a user story mapping workshop over 3 days to define the essential components of a dating service and created a high-level roadmap with milestones. We focused on the must-be features that users would expect, that were required by the business to monetise and any legally required features.
  • As a Product Owner, I defined the goals, KPIs and user value for each milestone of the project. I utilised user data and estimated development effort with Tech Leads to determine what was in scope and what was out of scope and to deliver milestones within the allotted timeframe.
  • Based on user feedback from existing brands and platforms, I created thorough feature specifications for cross-functional teams of Product Designers, 13 Developers, Data Warehouse Engineers and Business Analysts.
  • Using a Scrum framework, I acted as Team Coordinator for multiple cross-functional teams, ensuring that work progressed week to week and that we had regular releases.

My core team improved our metrics from releasing once in 6 months to regular releases, multiple times per month. My teams were responsible for search & discovery, user profiles, chat and interactions, and general account settings on iOS, Android and responsive web. The skeleton dating platform was built from the ground up with a micro-service architecture and now supports the Adventist Singles and eDarling (ES) brands.


Online dating

Product type:

Responsive web, Android & iOS



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