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Defining the product strategy after a pivot

Brandnew IO underwent a pivot from a managed-service agency to a SaaS business model. After the pivot, the product strategy was unclear and the team was not aligned on the product vision or what to build next. The product was complex, with one product for the target client - brands & agencies - and one for social media influencers. 

My role: 

  • I planned an initiative to create a product roadmap. I gathered feedback from all key stakeholders - C-level, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Influencer Management, Tech and UX - about the top priorities/ problems to solve over the following 12 months. I then aggregated this info with feedback from users about their main pain points with the software.
  • I facilitated a roadmap meeting where we discussed, agreed and set the high-level goals of the company. We then reviewed proposed priorities against those goals and clarified which user personas they created value for.
  • At a high level, we estimated the effort vs. impact of the initiatives, enabling us to focus on those that we assumed would move the needle and eliminate those that would not.

In the end, we had a unified product roadmap of priorities for the next four quarters, which the team leads all understood and committed to. This brought about team alignment that had not previously existed. 



Influencer Marketing Platform


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