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UX strategy for new feature

Brandnew IO’s Influencer Marketing platform supported only one social network - Instagram. However, brands & agencies had a pain point in manually sourcing multi-channel influencers and did not see the value in purchasing a subscription to a single-channel platform. We had a hypothesis that adding more social networks to the platform would make it more desirable to clients but we were unsure which should be a priority and what sort of data was most important to our users.

My role:

  • I interviewed 4 users, covering both brand and agency personas, to answer unknowns, validate assumptions and to understand the personas’ workflows. I combined interview insights with past customer feedback regarding which social networks were a priority for influencer marketing.
  • Influencer audience insights and social media profile statistics were identified as the key performance indicators that brands look at when choosing influencers to collaborate with.
  • Together with the Tech Lead, it was investigated how we could source the required data on influencer audiences and social media profiles, e.g web scraping, 3rd party APIs etc.
  • Based on the demand from users and the tech possibilities, I decided on Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat as the additional networks of interest.

With a team of 4 developers and UX/UI designer, Mohammad Al Deek, we designed and implemented the additional social networks to the platform in 4 months. This functionality had long been requested by customers and supported the acquisition of a high-value enterprise customer, international media agency MediaCom.



Influencer Marketing Platform

Product Type:

Web application